Welcome to my website where you can find out more about my work in the music, theatre and film creative industries.




Lighting design, programming and operating for the stage includes plays, dance, live music, musical theatre, devised works, community projects, comedy, cabaret, rehearsed/staged readings…  Here’s a short list of some of the productions I have worked on:

Changing The Sheets by Harry Butler, The Playground Theatre.

David Baddiel ‘Trolls, Not The Dolls’, Streatham Space Project.

Siblings, by Maddy/Marina Bye, The Playground Theatre.

Josh Widdicombe, Streatham Space Project.

The Werwolf of Washington Heights, Slackline Productions, The Cockpit Theatre.

The Death of Ivan Illych, Unmasked Theatre Company, The Lion and Unicorn Theatre.

DSL Graduate shows - The Last Days of Judas iscariot, The Robbers, The Illusion of Time, A Level Playing Field, Two Princes, Tatterfest, Dracula, The Playgorund Theatre.

Comrades In The Dark, Caitlin Barnet Dance Company, Streatham Space Project.

Teechers by John Godber, Brute Farce, Brockley Jack Studio.

Invisible Storms by Jamie Harper, JH Productions, The Cock Tavern Theatre.

Together We’re Heavy by Chris Purnell, Canuk, The Cock Tavern Theatre.

The Tempest by William Shakespeare, The Ant Theatre Company, Brockley Jack Studio.

I Wonder choreographed by Sebastian Rex, at The Blue Elephant Theatre

Great Expectations, Theatre Lab Company, at The Playground Theatre.

New Writing Night, Slackline Productions, at Southwark Playhouse.