Welcome to my website where you can find out more about my work in the music, theatre and film creative industries.


Simon Beyer writes songs and composes instrumentals and soundscapes in a variety of styles and genres for artists and projects in the music, theatre and film industries.

He has written, worked, performed and collaborated with a number of people in the industry such as Ivor Novello-winning songwriter and producer Bill Padley (Fugees, Atomic Kitten, Julia Fordham), singer Hannah Symons (‘One Big Family’ Templecloud and songwriter of Becky Hilll/Rudimental’s 'Powerless'), and a host of award-winning, platinum-selling songwriters, artists and performers. Whether collaborating with others or working up solo music projects, he enjoys creating evocative soundscapes: from sweeping energetic orchestral compositions and pulsing drumbeats, to intimate ballads and pieces for voice and solo instrument. Listen to some of his music in the MUSIC PORTFOLIO.

Get in touch if you are looking for someone to collaborate with or need something to be created for one of your projects.

Other music-industry work includes artist management, live/session musician for artists, and music producer.

For theatre he has written original music for plays and musicals: The Werewolf of Washington Heights, The Cockpit Theatre; My Fifteen Minutes The Musical New Wimbledon Theatre; The Tempest, Brockley Jack Studio; When The Lilac Blooms My Love, Leicester Square Theatre and other productions.

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